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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Survey me !

my name is : Nurfarhanah
this morning i was : eat donut =]
i'm afraid of : hell
i dream about : ex besties
lied : huh ? when i need it to lie about something for cover
flowers or candy : candy
tall or short : i think i'm not too tall and too short
you laughed with : people and animals
colour your hair : no ever
get off the computer : always
feel happy ?: when im with my bestie
wish you could fly away, far far awaaay ?: i wish one day, hope so :)
believe in God : obsolutely
could you live without computer : cannot haha,
what's your favourite candy ?: everything
what's your favourite fruit ?: all axcept betik :D
sunrise or sunset ?: sunset better
whats hurt the most ? physical pain or emotional pain ?: emotional pain
trust others way too easily ?: haha please, i must question them first
coke or pepsi : coke laaaah !
what r u doing that dont have endline ? : learning
when ur boring , u do what ? : reading book , playing some music
how much ur besties ? : below 10do u have
friends ? : of course
what is make u sad ? : when people i loved leave me
what do you notice first ?: anything
makes you laugh the most ?: ah, wtv lah
makes you smile : when someone smiles to me
gives you funny feeling when you see them : muka toya =.='
pray ?: complicated
wanted to die : yes but before end of the world